4 Ways To Decorate Your Garden Canopy

Decorating your garden canopy is a stylish and creative way to enhance your property. Although canopies look wonderful on their own, you can dramatically transform your outdoor space with a few simple tweaks. Find out how to decorate your garden canopy with our creative tips.

1. Incorporate Climbing Plants

Training climbing plants to wrap around your canopy is a stunning way of decorating the structure. For a country garden aesthetic, entwine climbing roses up each post. Or, for a show-stopping display, train wisteria along the highest frames. No matter which climbing plant you choose to decorate your canopy, the outcome will be beautiful. This hint is certain to be a hit for those with green thumbs!

2. Weave String Lights Across Your Canopy Roof​

Bring your canopy to life using LED lights. With plenty of shapes and even colours to pick from, there is sure to be a style which suits your tastes. There’s also lots of ways of displaying them. For example, you can simply wrap fairy lights around the canopy’s posts, or weave them along the roof for a twinkly night-sky effect. Alternatively, distribute solar LED lights as accents on top of furniture or hang them from the structure itself. Adding lights is certain to add an element of romance to your garden, and may even make your canopy a favourite spot for summer date nights at home.

Garden Canopy with lights

3. Get Your Hands On Some Luxurious Furniture

Make your canopy a cosy oasis by purchasing elegant outdoor furniture. Try to avoid choosing low quality pieces, as they might not be able to handle the elements, and you may end up paying twice. Fortunately, there is a wide range of high-quality outdoor furniture available at reasonable prices. It pays to shop around! You could add further luxury by installing a fire pit for those chilly autumn evenings. Or, purchase a pizza oven for family parties to remember.

4. Drape Curtains From The Canopy

For those who enjoy DIY, consider hanging drapes or curtains from your canopy. They not only look great, but they also have a variety of advantages. For example, they can aid in retaining heat or providing shade on hot summer days. They’re also great for keeping insects away or for adding some extra privacy. 

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