How To Maintain Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters add an elegant touch to any room. They are stylish, timeless and suit properties from all periods. What’s more, they are also incredibly easy to clean and require little maintenance. Find out how to keep your shutters looking fresh with our helpful guide.

Dust Your Wooden Shutters

The best way of keeping your wooden shutters fresh and clean is by regular dusting. If you neglect this task, dust can quickly build up and form a thick layer over each slat. This can look unsightly, and reduce the aesthetic of your home. Moreover, if you have painted your wooden shutters white, the dust will accumulate until it is very noticeable. Accordingly, incorporating shutter dusting into your household cleaning regime is a great way of remembering to do this task. Use a microfibre cloth or traditional feather duster for the best results.

Avoid Using Soapy Water To Clean Natural Wood

Whilst many people recommend using soapy water to clean natural wooden shutters, this can actually be counterproductive. This is because wood is not a waterproof material. As a result, those who decide to clean their shutters with soapy water run the risk of discolouring and even staining them. On top of that, the wood can also become warped over time. For these reasons, try to avoid using soapy water to prevent damaging your shutters. In the instance that your wood shutters are painted, give them a quick wipe with a slightly dampened cloth.

Clean Natural Wooden Shutters With Furniture Polish

Opt for a gentle polish to bring your natural wooden shutters back to life. Make sure that you are using a wood-safe polish and don’t be too liberal when applying it. Instead, consider a ‘less is more’ approach, and spray the product onto a cloth rather than the shutters directly. Using a polish designed for natural wooden surfaces not only cleans, but also shines the wood. Your home will look spick and span! Please note, if your wooden shutters are painted, do not clean them with furniture polish.

Touch Up Painted Wooden Shutters

Show your painted wooden shutters some love if they are looking slightly worse for wear. Use a small, pointed paint brush to help you, and dispense the same paint you used for the shutters into a small, clean yoghurt pot (or similar). Only touch up your shutters after you have dusted them, and given them a gentle wipe over. If you skip this step, you may paint over dirt and debris, which may lead to a lumpy finish. Be careful using the paint, and wipe off any excess on a tissue before applying to the shutters. They will look brand new in no time! Remember, only use this method for small chips and cracks. For larger signs of wear and tear, contact a professional.

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